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Job Description

We are looking for a full-stack digital marketer with a strong focus on PPC advertising and data analytics. The successful candidate will be responsible for the management of paid media through various advertising platforms.

Apply if you're a tech-savvy person, willing to learn how to leverage new marketing tools to achieve significant growth for eCommerce businesses.


Planning, setting up, monitoring, and creating reports for ad campaigns, as well as performing A/B tests for continuous optimization.

Maximize conversion rates and optimize CPA by implementing highly targeted creatives and delivering them to the right audience.

Implement various conversion tracking methodologies to properly track customer acquisition. Analyze conversion attribution data from different sources and periodically point out useful insights that result in growth for our clients.

Required Skills and characteristics

3+ Years Experience: Google Ads management experience.3+ Year Experience: Facebook Ads management experience.Strong Google Analytics skills.Good understanding of attribution models.Bilingual (english - spanish).Data-Driven.Team Player.
Any of the following is a plus:

Experience with eCommerce email automation software.Experience setting up eCommerce stores.Experience with landing page software.You know how to crunch data. Strong Microsoft Excel skills.
Additional Information

You'll be part of a team of media buyers, designers and developers with whom you'll collaborate in the process of launching and scaling ad campaigns. Our headquarters are in Barranquilla, Colombia, however this position can be remote.

How to Apply

Does this role sound like a good fit? Email us at

Please include the role's title in your subject line.Send along links that best showcase relevant projects you've worked on.

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